Jamboree on the Air
at the
National Scout Air Rifle Championships 2007


As usual, we will be in the Inns of Court Pavilion, and open throughout the event.


Electronic Construction

This year we are again offering Radio and Electronic kit construction (including a couple of new kits) at 4/kit including battery. We expect this activity will be strongest during the day, but we'll try to be flexible. Offers of help with supervision/soldering gratefully received, either on the day or to dan@ecs.soton.ac.uk.

Flashing Lights   Lie Detector
Flashing Lights - funky flashing red and green lights on a circuit board that looks like a face   Lie Detector - catch your friends out if they're lying by measuring how sweaty they are
Wonky Wire   Bagpipes
Wonky Wire - you need a steady hand to beat this old time favourate game   Bagpipes - this electronic version "sounds just as bad as the real thing"
Decisions Decisions   Madlabracadabra
Decisions Decisions - makes all your important decisions for you   Madlabracadabra - you can perform a simple magic trick


  AM Radio project - build yourself a complete working radio, with headphones.


Almost all the kits we use come from Madlab in Edinburgh. The AM Radio project is from Rapid Electronics.

 Jamboree on the Air

This year, we will be GB50GUN, for the 50th JOTA. New and better aerials should offer interesting contacts mainly in the evening, but you will have to be patient if you want to speak with far-away places by shortwave radio.We will be mainly using the 40m and 20m shortwave bands. If you just want to chat over the radio, we can usually find an English Scout or Guide station on the 2m band. Offers of help from licensed radio amateurs will be gratefully received, either on the day or to dan@ecs.soton.ac.uk

JOTA links:

Games Writing

Our examples are from Python and PyGame. The punchbag is made from the PyGame chimp example by changing the images and sounds. Just open the chimp.py file from the Python IDLE GUI and change the images, sounds and texts to new ones. Python will happily play .wav sound files and display a variety of images; we use .bmp files.

If you don't change the body of the program, then all parts of the target that are the same colour as its top left corner will be transparent. You can get images in a variety of ways: from the web, from a digital camera or you can draw them using the Paint program. The GIMP is a very powerful free image editor.

You can get sounds from the web, record your own using the Sound Recorder utility or compose tunes with Anvil Studio.

There are lots of other example Python games you can play or change to suit yourself.


Link Game DEMO

Even easier than Python programming is Scratch from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: a complete animation and game programming graphical environment.