ICOM M11 Handheld Marine Radio Private Channel Codes

Resetting your M11 CPU

To reset the M11 and clear all the memory channels, you need to

  1. Turn ON.
  2. Press and hold FUNCTION and LIGHT.
  3. Turn OFF.
  4. Turn ON.
  5. Release FUNCTION and LIGHT when display settles.

Using private channels

You can select any of the International or USA channels directly using the channel  buttons in DIAL mode. Other "private" channels can only be accessed by programming them into memory in MEMO mode. In the UK there are only two private channels available to ordinary marine users:

bullet M      (157.850MHz simplex), entered as 37A,  commonly used by marinas. Most marinas will also communicate on International channel 80.
bullet M2    (161.425MHz simplex), entered as E5,  used for yacht race management.

We are not permitted to use any of the other private channels, so most of the rest of this section is useful only outside the UK or for users specially licensed for a private channel.

Entering PRV programming mode

  1. Press and release MEMO then press and hold FUNCTION and hold down MEMO for at least three seconds. This puts you in normal memory programming mode; select the memory location you wish to program.
  2. Press and hold FUNCTION, then press H/L. PRV will appear on the display. If you now press DIAL, you will find that the channel buttons offer you all channels from 0 to 116 and also a number of channels with letter codes. Select the right channel and press MEMO to confirm.

During MEMO programming, the following keys are also active:

  1. FUNCTION-DIAL will cause an A to appear in the display; this makes a channel that would normally b duplex with a receive frequency shift of +4.600MHz operate in simplex at the usual transmit frequency.
  2. H/L will switch the channel to low power.

Channel Letter Codes

I determined these by directly measuring transmit frequency into a dummy load and by using a signal generator to find the receive frequency.




F1 155.975 simplex
F2 155.925 simplex
F3 155.175 simplex
F4 155.150 simplex
F5 155.125 simplex
F6 155.100 simplex
F7* 155.375 simplex
P1 155.625 simplex
P2 155.775 simplex
P3 155.825 simplex
L1 155.500 simplex
L2 155.525 simplex
L3 155.650 simplex
C1 161.300 simplex
C2 161.400 161.300
C3 161.350 simplex
C4 161.450 simplex
E1 158.575 161.475
E2 160.976 simplex
E3 161.375 simplex
E4 161.400 simplex
E5 161.425 simplex
E6 161.475 simplex

* Note: I have checked this frequency carefully. Nevertheless, I have seen a "Private Marine Channels" table which shows F7 as 157.375 simplex.