The G4JNT DDS Module

The Direct Digital Synthesiser (DDS) is an experimental PCB module for generating an RF signal at any frequency up to about 40MHz with tiny frequency steps. The upper frequency and resolution depend on the reference frequency which must be supplied externally to the module (up to 120MHz). The module has a PIC microcontroller which translates plain text instructions from an RS232 serial channel into the complex serial command words used to program the DDS chip.

We offer the module as a bare board for experimentation and development. We also offer it with the AD 9850 chip soldered onto the board as this is a rather small and tricky chip to mount. We can also design and supply a complete assembled and tested board for immediate operation.

  • Works from DC to 40MHz (up to about RefClk / 3)
  • Uses AD9850 DDS chip
  • Uses an external reference clock frequency (up to 120MHz)
  • 32 bit frequency resolution 
  • Programmable using plain text commands from a PC
  • Uses a PIC to communicate via an RS232 serial port
  • Available as bare board, board with AD9850 mounted or as a complete assembly

Click here for a detailed write-up

Click here for a copy of the Manual

Click here for DDS Software with PIC at 4MHz

Click here for DDS Software with PIC at 5MHz