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How to put a project under CVS

As a simple example assume that the project is originally contained in a single directory ~/proj_src and consists of a Makefile and multiple source files: main.c, bar.c and foo.c
Before starting the exercise, create the directory ~/proj_src and copy the above files into it. To put this program under CVS, first ensure that you are in the directory containing the source.

cd ~/proj_src

Next, use the cvs import command to import the contents of ~/proj_src into a directory in the repository called testproj

cvs import -m "Sample Program" testproj sample start

The -m flag is used to supply a comment to the CVS loging facilty.
The last two parameters sample and start to the import command are tags used to denote the vendor and the release. Their names are not important for this example but they must be present.

The output indicates that CVS has created a directory, testproj, in the repository containing copies of the files in ~/proj_src.

The original source in ~/proj_src can in theory be deleted once you are confident that the version in the repository can be checked out correctly. However, it may be better to keep this as a backup until you are confident with the use of CVS. The next section starts with the use of the checkout command.

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