Jamboree on the Air
at the
National Scout Air Rifle Championships
19th-21st October 2001

supported by
25th Southampton (Northam) Sea Scouts
Itchen Valley Radio Club
Department of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton

Jamboree on the Air is an International Scout event, held on the third weekend in October each year, which brings together Scouts around the world using amateur radio. Amateur radio is an exciting technical hobby in which qualified enthusiasts are able to build or buy radio transmitters which allow them to communicate directly with other enthusiasts around the world and beyond. Taking part in amateur radio activities can qualify a Scout towards the Electronics, Radio Communicator and World Friendship badges.

Our station operated on the main short wave (HF) bands as well as on the 2m, 70cm and 6m (VHF) bands. Radio Amateurs have to take a technical examination and, for the HF bands, learn Morse Code before they can operate a station. At our station, GB0WFS, the licensed Radio Amateurs included: 

  • 2E1IFE  from the 3rd Chiswick
  • G1DQX   Niel Fagan
  • M0MEH   Mark Horton
  • G4ZPV   Bill Cook
  • M0CYJ   Denis Nicole
  • M0RDH   Rachel Horton

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