25th Southampton (Northam) Venture Scouts
Summer Expedition to Iceland

Departing Crosshouse Hard. Tom, Sarah, Chris, Russell, Phil, Worzel, Matty.
Opening ceremony of International Jamboree: NORDJAMB!

Chris showing the way across a section of glacier.

Russell, Worzel, Matty and Sarah crossing the glacier.
Night 1 of the Laugaveguir route at Hrafntinnussker.

Quickest descent down the ice slopes
Fantastic Scenery departing Alftavatin.

Crossing a glacial river.
Night 2 of the Laugavegur route at Alftavatn. View from the Window.
The gorge itself.
Stuart and Matty: Glacial river race.

Standing at the edge of the gorge at Emstrur.
Hut accommodation, night three, at Emstrur.
Our coach home, if it makes it through the river.
The finish at Thorsmork.

All of our walking companions on the Laugavegur route.
Geyser starting to erupt.

Stage two.
Stage three.

10 Stage four.
Another eruption. One American stood too close and ended up scalded. He won't do that again!

Our four wheel drive: stuck.
No joke, this was the main arterial road around Iceland. They literally built the road in front of us (after we got stuck) so we could continue our journey.

Sarah with our Saviour from the mire!