Tying a Sea Scout Cap Tally

Step1.gif Step2.gif

1. Centre the cap tally with the first 'S' of Scouts directly below the front seam of the cap. At the left hand seam of the cap, tie an overhand knot making sure that the tally does not move.

2. Form a bight by bending over the upper tail and folding it back on itself

Step3.gif Step4.gif

3. Take the lower tail and pass it under and then over this bight such that the tails end up next to each other.

4. A bight is now formed in the right hand tail and should be tucked behind the first bight just before the centre of the bow.

Step5.gif Step6.gif

5. Carefully tighten the knot, being careful to ensure that the bows are of the same length and are not too long.

6. The tails can now be cut to the same length as the bows with the ends being trimmed at an angle.