Bike Expedition: October 2001

This took place on the Isle of Wight on the 26th to 29th October. Participating we had 7 Scouts - complete with their bikes, 2 full time leaders with their bikes, and one duty driver for the Saturday. Support vehicle was a Land Rover. After a night at the Scout HQ on Friday having chased the rest of the troop home, we had an early morning start to catch the ferry.

We packed all the gear into the Land Rover and rode our bikes round the corner to the Ferry. Hitting the campsite at Corf without too much difficulty at about 11:30 we proceeded to explore the site and settle in, meanwhile some of the leaders did the extra shopping trip. Our site good turn consisted of clearing the site's building roofs of fallen branches. A supper of self-made pizzas went down well, and everyone was packed off to bed.


Sunday 28th. Loading 9 bikes onto the car, we set off for our starting point at Carrisbrook Castle, (at least we didnít have to cycle up that hill), and set off for our destination, somewhere on the south coast! Well, the navigation was good, - for the most part... and the pace was reasonable. Our only two punctures were from the two cycling leaders - how embarrassing! Apart from a small detour up a cliff face somewhere beside Blackgang Chine (donít ask me how bikes can do that, I haven't worked it out), the expedition arrived safely at the Light house at St Catherines Point. The Car was loaded, and home to Corfe for a huge Bolognaise and a Camp Fire.


Monday morning was spent by the troop as a local cycle bourn exploration, returning to the site for a big pack up. After packing up, we departed for the Ferry. 1 hour to go, the telephone in the car rang, --peddle broken----help----car----ferry---phone battery dead---????? so the Landrover was on call to find the missing 2 (they did not stay alone) 15 mins to ferry time - not at the meeting point, not on the road - where are they? Phone rings! - at the ferry, where are you! *@#$£.....

So back to the ferry, never mind we are on the next ferry by 30 seconds! We meet parents back at the HQ, and much to the surprise of all. The Landrover proves to have held enough kit for a 6 month camp for about 60 people - where did all that come from? Well here we are back safe and sound, and planning the next one already.
Kevin Heslop, SL