Note from Denis Nicole (ex?) GSL:

This site has been pretty much unchanged since early 2006. Around the same time that our University building burnt down, a query came from the Royal Navy about some hats we had ordered and paid for around a year earlier. This escalated remarkably and in early 2006 I found myself turned away at the door of a hastily relocated Group Executive meeting; I subsequently received a letter from the then District Commissioner telling me I had resigned.

About four years on, I have moved into the replacement building at work; so far I have received an apology about the involvement of a National Commissioner, but am still waiting for a final resolution from Southampton City Scouts. In the meantime, I have become a skills instructor with Hampshire Scout County and a member of the 2nd Gilwell Park Fellowship.


25th Southampton ((Northam) Sea Scout Group

Welcome to the Northam Sea Scouts

Our Headquarters is SSS Enterprise at Crosshouse Hard, Crosshouse Road, Southampton; we are almost under the Itchen Bridge and quite close to Ocean Village. You will often see us sailing Laser Picos, Bosuns, Toppers or a Wayfarer on the river or off Weston Shore; we also row a Home Counties Gig and have a large collection of canoes.

When not in use for meetings or activities, our Hall is available for hire; please contact Denis Nicole (below) in the first instance. We have prepared a short tour for prospective hall hirers.

Parent permission forms for activities:

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Meeting times:

We meet during school terms as follows:

New members, boys and girls, are very welcome in all three sections.

Contact Information:


The Group stocks some uniform items. Others can be obtained from the Eastleigh Scout shop.

Some Past Activities:





2002 and before


Patrol Names



Denis A Nicole

I think, but that's another story...