What Is MPI

MPI stands for Message Passing Interface. The goal of MPI is to develop a standard for writing message passing programs. In designing MPI the MPI forum sought to make use of features from a number of existing message passing systems.

Background to MPI

The MPI Forum has been meeting to discuss and define a set of library interface standards.

Availability of MPI

What Is PVM

Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) is a software package that allows a heterogeneous network of computers (parallel, vector, or serial) to appear as a single concurrent computational resource - a virtual machine.

Background to PVM

The development of PVM started in summer 1989 at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

Availability of PVM from vendors

Several vendors are supplying and supporting optimized versions of PVM for their multi-processor systems, including Cray Research, IBM, Convex, Intel, SGI, and DEC.

Public domain availability of PVM

PVM is also public domain software

Summary of MPI and PVM




Submitted by Mark Johnston,
last updated on 10 December 1994.