HPC Architectures

Main Feature of HPC Systems

A Taxonomy of HPC (Parallel) Architectures

Single Instruction, Multiple Data (SIMD) Stream.

Examples of machines include Thinking Machine's CM-200, AMT-DAP, MasPar.

Diagram of SIMD machine

Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) Stream SIMD Example

B(I) = A(I) * 4 => LOAD A(I), MULT 4, STORE B(I)
Diagram showing use of SIMD machine

Multiple Instruction Multiple Data Stream (MIMD)

Examples of machines range from Clusters of workstations to the Cray T3D.

Shared Memory MIMD

Diagram showing layout of Shared Memory MIMD

Distributed Memory MIMD

Diagram showing layout of Distributed Memory MIMD

MIMD Example

Diagram demonstrating how MIMD systems operate

HPC Systems.

Loosely Coupled (heterogenous networks of unix workstations):
IBM/SGI/HP/Sun/DEC/... workstations.
Interconnect by Ethernet (10 Mbit/s), FDDI (100 Mbit/s), ATM (155 - 622 Mbi$
Modestly Coupled (distributed memory, 1-1024 processors
Intel Paragon (i860), Meiko CS2 (SPARC), Cray T3D (Alpha)...
Interconnect by custom networking technology (400 - 1000 Mbit/s).
Tightly Coupled (shared memory, < 20 processors):
Silicon Graphics PowerChallenge (MIPS 8000), Sequent Symmetry (x486), Cray C90...
Interconnect by custom bus technology (200 - 400 Mbit/s).


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Last updated 6 April 1995